Creating an amazing backyard

Creating an amazing backyard (1)

Creating an amazing backyard

             Every landscape design project begins with a site analysis to see what you have to work with.Another great reason to do site analysis is that sometimes the existing site can inform or inspire the design which is great if you are running low on ideas.A good way to do site analysis is to take pictures of the property and note all of the key elements such as existing structures, site views,plants or anything else that may affect the design.

Original backyard

First step:Existing Features
Here we have a backyard that needs an update.From the photo we can see that it contains a stone walkway, empty patio area,lawn area,storage shed ,wood fence and different plants,etc.Make a list of what is already on your property and note what can be reused or recycled as well as which features need to be changed.

Second step:Topography.
Note distinctive features that will affect what you can do with an area.In the picture we can see that the land is slightly sloped which means that water will collect at the lowest point which is the patio area.To solve this problem you will have to install a draining solution such as draining pipes.

Lawn area

Third step:Lawn Area.
From the picture we can see that the lawn area is not looking pretty good.First it needs to be cleaned up,start by removing all the weeds,rocks and everything that you don’t want to be in the soil.After that use a fork or spade to turn over the soil to a depth of 12 inches.Now it’s time to buy some rich top soil and place it over the existing substrate.

Make sure you have at least 3-4 inch of top soil over the existing one.Next step is to apply lime and lawn fertilizer to the soil evenly,it doesn’t have to be perfect because you will have to till the soil (you can do it by hand with a spade or you can rent/buy a tiller).After you did all of the above is time to level out and compact the soil using a roller.

top soil
grass seed

Now is the time for seeding,there are a number of different species of grass that you can purchase,depending on where you live and the climate you have, one might be better than the other but the vast majority of the mixtures have a mixtures of different types of grass in it so keep that in mind when you are purchasing your grass seed.

The most important thing when applying seeds to your yard is that you have enough seeds,you will need 5 to 7 LBS of seed per 1,000 sqf.Once you applied the seeds is important that you put a little bit of soil on top because it will trap moisture in and allow the seeds to germinate and not dry up.Now take your rake and evenly spreed out the soil and seeds,after that is complete go ahead and go over once more with your lawn roller just to make sure everything is flat and not going anywhere and you are done.Don’t forget to water it in the morning and night and during the day if it is extremely hot.

Fourth step:Site Lines and Views. 

One way to figure out what you need outside is to take a look at the yard from the inside of your home,therefore you should not plant dense or tall vegetation in front of the windows.

window view

Fifth step:Privacy. 

Whether you’re looking to block out the neighbors or hide an unattractive view, there are a lot of great options depending on your space and your family’s needs.Ex:Portable partitions,all kinds of walls,trees & shrubs,hedges,etc.

Sixth step:Patio Furnishing & Decorating 

There are a lot of things you can include in your patio decor depending on the size and location of your patio.Here we’ve included some of the things you should consider doing:
       1.Cover up the concrete floor with interlocking deck tiles or outdoor rugs.
2.Dress up your deck with a comfy seating area alongside a
coffee ,dining or fire table.

patio lights

3.Add flowers, veggies and herbs.Potted plants are an excellent way to decorate your patio on a budget and enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors.
4. Decorative Patio Lights.String lights are the perfect accent to your patio, and will help you enjoy it late into the evening.
Wall Decor.If your patio is close to the wall of a house, garage, fence or trellis, you’re in luck! These spaces make it easy to add a personal touch to your outdoor decor.You can create an hanging garden or just hang your favorite canvas paintings.

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